Scorned, Torn and Reborn

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Scorned, Torn and Reborn is written for women whose husbands have chosen to move on. It is empathy, but not sympathy. Understanding, but not enabling. It is looking back only to learn to move forward with dignity and grace. The book is based on the author’s own experiences and insights, coupled with hundreds of hours of conversations and research. From the initial raw grief, the reader is offered guidance and support in self-care and repairing self-esteem. The book then moves through the practical aspects of divorce, legal and financial issues, with tips on setting up a new home and helping the children with the transition. The last section of the book focuses on moving forward, various aspects of dating, and on to building a better life and a happier self.


When our world is completely turned upside down and the landscape of what we thought was reality has been left in shambles, we need help, we need some way to realize which end is up and how to pull our lives together and have our world make sense.

Rebecca Donovan’s Scorned, Torn and Reborn book is just that kind of aid for those of us who are going through a divorce. Her thoughtful story-telling mixed with easy-to-follow (which is super important when just getting dressed is an accomplishment) how-tos and exercises are a life saver. Rebecca has made lemonade when life gave her lemons, and we all get to share in this wisdom.


This book was very helpful to me during a time when I was finding it hard to think straight. It helped me see how I was letting the anger of my divorce rule my life, and it helped me to let go of that anger and resentment towards my ex-husband. The tools it has provided me have helped me discover the new me and begin my new life, happier than I’ve been in years. Thank you, Rebecca!

H. H.

At a time when anger and despair from a failed relationship can be crushing, Ms. Donovan offers a powerful book of tools and guidance for emotional healing.  Written in a voice of your closest friend or big sister, Scorned Torn and Reborn shares real life experiences, humor, honesty, and advice to move you beyond the present struggle.  It is a book that will walk you through the emotional journey of divorce, in all its aspects, towards re-entering the world as a stronger and healthier person.  I highly recommend this book for anyone willing to take a look at the odyssey of divorce and be helped to be at their finest now and for the future.

N. S.