About Me

I have been where you are. I went through a devastating divorce almost ten years ago, and lost sight of who I was. It took a long time for me to reclaim my life. During that time I raised two boys, went through several career changes (including having my own financial services business) and wrote a book. Not only have I reclaimed my life, I have made it so much better than it could ever have been if I had not experienced all the pain and upheaval that was my marriage and divorce. In the years since then I have worked with a therapist, a hypnotherapist, and various and sundry energy healers, and read thousands of pages on every subject related to improving oneself. While these were all invaluable in my personal journey, I was lucky enough to finally come across the one person who could help me bring it all together. That would be my life coach, Angela.

With her guidance and support, within a year I was able to finish my book and obtain a publisher.

I stopped working for practically free in a job I couldn’t stand with a three-year-old start-up. I made the decision to pack up and move back to the mountains where I belong. I was able to stop enabling my grown son to be dependent on me, and help him stand on his own. After plenty of soul searching, I decided to become a life coach so that I can do for others what Angela has done for (with) me. I now have the confidence to make my own way – to create my own destiny.